“My First Blue Belt!”

Well its been a while… Between teaching, training, working and looking after my family I have been super busy and haven’t found the time to write! A lot has been happening with the gym and there are so many huge plans in the pipeline but for now I’d like to start by congratulating Marcus Flanagan on achieving his blue belt! He is the first student that I have promoted to blue belt and is very deserving as he has been giving people a hard time on the mats for years! 🙂 I am very proud to have awarded him his blue belt and look forward to seeing big things in the future from him as I do from everyone! Marcus has been training for several years now, and has competed in both gi and no gi tournaments, fought mma and has been training like a mad man over the last year so congratulations mate, well deserved!

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom’s first Blue Belt

Let’s do the Gracie Sydney(Humaita) Association proud and set the standard over the next year in the competition and MMA scene! Train hard and unlock your potential!

Good Luck with your training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom



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One Response to ““My First Blue Belt!””

  1. Hodge Says:

    Congrats to Marcus!!! Never thought I’d see him in pyjamas!

    Hope he paid you his grading fee … 😉

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