“Drill To Win – by Andre Galvao”

One of my students Derek, recently bought me Andre Galvao’s “Drill To Win-12 Months To Better Brazilian Jiu jitsu” for my birthday. And let me say what a great book it is!!! Andre Galvao has partnered up with Kevin Howell to produce another master text for Jiu jitsu students, instructors and competitors alike!

Andre Galvao - "Drill To Win

“Drill To Win” is a fantastic book on the fine art of drilling technique and developing functional movement skills for the Jiu jitsu practitioner. “Drill To Win” takes a step back from all the normal Jiu jitsu books which focus on a whole bunch of techniques be it for sport, self defense or MMA and takes the Jiu jitsu athlete along a different path. As the title says, the book focuses on drilling to develop functional movement skills for Jiu jitsu improving the jiu jitsu practitioner’s ability to learn and apply techniques, move more smoothly and develop the necessary athletic qualities such as strength, balance, coordination and agility that make great Jiu jitsu athletes!

If you are serious about Jiu jitsu, you must buy this book!!! 🙂 You can buy “Drill To Win” at www.budovideos.com . Read it, put it into practise and watch your game improve tremendously! Thanks again Derek for such a great gift and I am really looking forward to Kevin Howell’s future books particularly the rumoured book with the great “Terere!

Good Luck with your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom



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