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“Dont add Fuel to the Fire!”

July 8, 2012

So today’s post is about the great Anderson Silva defeating Chael Sonnen by TKO in the second round at UFC 148. I will start by saying I like and respect both fighters a lot but I’m glad that Anderson Silva, the Martial Artist prevailed. Again I like Chael, he’s tough as nails and never takes a backward step. I find him entertaining, funny, witty and great at hyping up a fight but he crossed the line with this one. He insulted Anderson Silva personally, his family, his friends, his coaches and even his country… And that was a mistake!

The Anderson Silva that we saw today showed tremendous focus, determination, killer instinct  and a fierce will to win that allowed him to decimate the UFC’s number 1 contender in Chael Sonnen. Chael simply could not match Anderson’s intensity and spirit on this night and learnt a tough but important lesson. “Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire”!

The question you have to ask is, how would this fight have gone had Chael been more humble and respectful after their previous encounter? I believe all the trash talking by Chael woke a sleeping dragon and added a tremendous amount of motivational fuel to the fire! Even if Anderson was hurt in their first encounter (which I truly believe he was, just watch “Like Water”), Chael still fought a hell of a fight and pushed the champion into deep waters like no one else before him. Chael Sonnen fights great but Anderson Silva is a Great fighter and the last thing you want to do is piss off and motivate a great fighter to take your head off in the octagon! I believe Chael’s trash talking backfired and not only did he not get into Anderson’s head the way he wanted to, Anderson got into his head especially during the Weigh In… Chael was shocked and you could see the hint of doubt and dare I say it “fear” in his eyes!

The lesson to take away is “Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire” and it applies to a Martial Artist’s life in many ways. From the simplest of things such as going hard against your training partners after saying you will go light and getting injured or injuring your partner when you both turn it up and roll too hard. Both outcomes suck and just shouldn’t happen. The Gym is a place of learning and you are supposed to help each other sharpen the sword and get better not hack each other apart with them!

You can apply this principle in a potentially volatile situation when someone is getting angry and becoming aggressive. You need to remain calm and deflect their aggressive energy with a relaxed and confident demeanor. Talk to the aggressor, don’t interrupt them, be polite but firm and most importantly take your ego out of the equation. Every fight that you can walk away from is a fight won! Learn the art of “Verbal Jiu Jitsu” and go around the aggressor’s energy. Defuse the situation rather than add fuel to the fire with ego even if you are in the right morally. No one really wins a fight especially if it is a serious one. If you walk away the victor after a physical encounter, consider yourself lucky but realise you just missed an opportunity to strengthen your spirit and you quite probably hurt another human being which is never a good thing. It takes a lot more courage and confidence in yourself to walk away from a fight than to go all “Axe Murderer” on the aggressor! Martial Arts training is about character building and strengthening the spirit so take every opportunity to do so, set the standard and be a positive example for everyone around you!


Good Luck with Your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom