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Awesome Seminar with Michelle Nicolini!

September 9, 2012

Last Sunday we had the great pleasure of attending a 3 hour Jiu Jitsu seminar with Checkmat Superstar Michelle Nicolini and despite the fact that it was Father’s day we still got a decent turn out! For those of you that missed out…. Well you really have no idea how good the seminar was or on how lucky we were to have Michelle Nicolini out here teaching! Michelle Nicolini dazzled and inspired us all with her technical skill!

Michelle Nicolini took us through a brief but fun sport specific warm up and then wasted no time in getting straight into the techniques. This was a content rich seminar starting with Checkmat style guard passing drills, before moving onto her trademark guard game of sweeps, submissions and back attacks and finished up with some slick leg locks and attacks!

Michelle Nicolini Jiu Jitsu Seminar (Sydney 2012)

Michelle Nicolini’s ability to seamlessly transition between attacks and positions impressed everyone. We are very grateful to have learned some of the techniques that she has used to win 6 World Championships and has made her known as the greatest female Jiu Jitsu competitor of all time!

Thank you Michelle Nicolini, we have a lot to work on for the next several months and we look forward to your return! Again a special thanks from the Jiu Jitsu Kingdom team for sharing your knowledge with us over the last couple of weeks as well. We have all benefited tremendously from the experience and our games will only continue to improve as we begin to drill and implement what you have taught us!

Good Luck with Your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom


“Watch and Study Film on Jiu Jitsu Part 2″

June 2, 2012

A little while ago I wrote an article titled “Watch and Study Film on Jiu Jitsu”, that dealt with how to study matches between Elite Jiu Jitsu fighters and how to apply what you have learned in your own training. In today’s article “Watch and Study Film on Jiu Jitsu Part 2” I am going to address the idea of watching instructional dvds and videos online. Now before I start I must say that as great as studying and learning from good instructional dvds/videos is, it is absolutely no substitute for learning in person from a good coach! Your film study should be like the icing on the cake and complement your hard training in the gym and not the actual cake mix!

So now that we have that out-of-the-way I’d like to start by saying I just watched a really great webinar (Online seminar) today in which UFC fighter Alan “The Talent” Belcher taught how to defend against various leg locks and leg attacks. And I learnt a great deal from this webinar that I will be implementing directly into my game! In my experience some of the very best instructional dvds and videos are generally more concepts based than technique based. While there is obviously some techniques taught on the video it is the concepts and about the how, when and why that separate a great video from a mediocre on.

A great instructional video should provoke thought in the viewer and make you think about the way you do your techniques, why you do them that way, understand the timing (when) and also give you a mental framework of reference regarding the technique and situations that lead to the technique. As a matter of fact most of my favourite instructional videos on MGinAction are the Discussion videos from after class when students ask Marcelo questions and he takes a few minutes to help them with their problems. I have learnt so much from these. Speaking of good instructors if you are not yet a member of Marcelo Garcia’s MGinAction online instructional website you really should join as he is a great coach and pioneering online Jiu Jitsu Instruction! Use “Jiu Jitsu Kingdom” as a code to receive a free week on MGinAction and if you join please be sure to mention “Jiu Jitsu Kingdom” as the person who recommended you! 🙂 Marcelo has been delving more and more into the conceptual side of teaching explaining the timing understanding of why his movements tend to be so effective and how to be a better Jiu Jitsu fighter. I can’t recommend MGinAction highly enough!

So with regards to studying instructional film my recommendations are similar, choose one or two concepts/techniques that you want to work on and watch the corresponding videos several times taking a few key notes on the most important concepts. Take your notes to the gym with you next time you train and try to apply these concepts or new techniques in your game. Take notes of how you went and what needs work and go back and re watch the instructional videos a few more times paying particular attention to the areas that gave you problems and see if you can find out where you went wrong and how to improve next time you train. Spend at least a week (preferably a month)on these two concepts/techniques and watch your game improve!


Good Luck with Your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom

Control, Position, Submission

August 7, 2011

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a dynamic art that is designed to allow a smaller, weaker opponent overcome a larger, stronger and more aggressive attacker through the use of leverage, technique and timing. At Jiu Jitsu Kingdom , skill and technique are what we aim to develop on the mat every day. And while we may roll hard, always looking for the “Submission“, technical skill in applying the “Submission” as well as correct application of strategy and tactics is at the core of our game. Now this may seem obvious but I often see people focus so much on “winning” the round of training or trying to hit their favourite “Submission” all the time. While doing so they often neglect some of the subtleties of setting traps for your opponent and gently guiding them towards their demise. I like to think of letting my opponent “Choose his poison” whatever mistake he makes will be the end of him. 🙂 

There are a lot of elements to  keep in mind while training, so that you maximise your chances of playing your game and getting the “Submission“, even against an explosive and aggressive opponent. The use of strategy and tactics will often allow you to surprise your opponent and cause confusion which in turn will allow you to capitalise on his mistake and get the finish, sweep, pass or escape.

Three basic ideas that I encourage all my students to keep in mind while training are “Control“, “Position” and “Submission“. They are sequential and are meant to be thought of in that particular order. A simple example of hitting an Armbar from Guard would involve the following concepts. Firstly establishing “Control“, “Control”  of the opponent’s base and posture, as well as their arm that is being attacked. “Control” of direction and momentum of the fight is also something to keep in mind. Get your opponent playing your game and you greatly increase your chance at success! Secondly “Position“, in order to apply any technique you need to be in the right “Position” to begin with. In this case the Guard (preferably closed) as a secure and stable launching platform for your attack. While utilising “Control” of your opponent’s arm you need to get in “Position” to execute the armbar (actual mechanics and technical details of the armbar). Finally we have “Submission“… The ultimate goal! In order to apply a “Submission” in this case the Armbar from Guard, we have to “Control” our opponent at the very least their arm, get into correct “Position” and finish the “Submission“.

On a deeper level, even when applying the “Submission” there is a lot more going on under the surface, that is not always visible or apparent to the casual observer. It’s kind of like the mass of the iceberg that goes unseen and is the reason why great Jiu Jitsu players are much more effective with their technique even though their game and techniques may appear simple. Higher level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players often internalize these concepts so well that when they attack they are fusing the three concepts into one. For example when Roger Gracie hits the Cross Choke from Mount not only is his “Position” from which he launches the attack perfect but his technical application of the “Position” (or technique) is also flawless. By having almost perfect “Position” he is able to really “Control” his opponent, beyond just applying that particular technique. His body combining the principles as one, also “Controls” his opponent in such a way that his timing, base and “Position” nullify his opponent’s ability to escape the “Submission“. In effect he has closed off all possible escape routes while applying his technique and is in complete “Control” of both the direction of the fight and the actual technique being employed. This level of skill is achieved through his perfect “Position” and total “Control” of his opponent making his “Submission” look both effortless and unstoppable. The same can be said of Marcelo Garcia’s Back Attacks and Mata Leon.

I hope you have found this article useful and that you are able to apply these concepts in your game!

Good Luck With Your Training And Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom

News and Events

July 29, 2011

So it seems I have been receiving a great deal of positive feedback about my last post “Desire and Commitment” especially from my team at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom, and have even had a few people ask me to write more on the subject and how it applies to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA training! Looks like I will be doing so in the near future but for now I thought I’d take a quick minute to share some news and upcoming events.

The EventsBJJ  NSW Gi Championships is on Sunday Week (Sunday 7th August)here in Sydney, Australia. For those of you who want to put your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills to the test be sure to sign up online ASAP! Click on this link to signup. Also there are a few more competitions coming up over the next couple of months so keep training hard!

The Mendes Brothers seminar at VT1 Gym is coming up very shortly in November, I am very excited about that! Check out the poster for details below and contact Liam if you wish to attend!


Finally I’d like to offer a huge congratulations to Liban Akil for earning his brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt from none other than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu phenom Marcelo Garcia! Awesome achievement, you earned it the hard way! Hearing that Liban got his Blue Belt from Marcelo made my week! 🙂

Liban gets his Blue Belt from Marcelo Garcia!

 Good Luck With Your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Paul Schreiner: Crucifix From The Back

July 9, 2011

Here at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom, we aim to bring you the very best and help you on your journey towards mastery of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The following video is some footage filmed during a private class I took with Paul Schreiner at Marcelo Garcia’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in New York.

In this video Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Paul Schreiner demonstrates how to acquire the Crucifix from the Back and then finish the Choke from here. Paul is a fantastic instructor who pays incredible attention to detail and has the ability to really break down techniques and help you understand them on a much deeper level. If you ever get the chance to take a private class with Paul, I highly recommend it!

If you are interested in learning  more about this technique or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in general then please feel free to leave a comment or contact me on my website . Or if you are based in Sydney or ever find yourself visiting Sydney, Australia then please feel free to stop by Jiu Jitsu Kingdom and take a class! I look forward to hearing from you or meeting you on the mats. Have a great day!

Good Luck With Your Training And Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom

Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sydney!

July 8, 2011

So another great week of training at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom has come to an end! The Jiu Jitsu Kingdom team is really making some solid progress and we have had some really great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes this week! I would have to say the Thursday night Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class was one of the most competitive classes in a while with some pretty slick back takes and some awesome rolls! The Jiu Jitsu Kingdom team continue to impress me and I am thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in the art with them.

One of the great things about training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the continuous learning and experimentation in the art. Just when you think you are starting to get a handle on a technique, someone comes along and throws a wrench in your plans. For me this week it was one of my students Tim! I have been working on my North South Choke pretty diligently since January when I was lucky enough to train with Marcelo Garcia in New York! I had been having a large degree of success with it for several months and was feeling pretty good about my development. That is until Wednesday afternoon when we were training and I sunk the North South Choke. As I was beginning to squeeze and wait for the tap, BOOM! Tim gets out and reverses me! What the? 🙂 We keep training meanwhile my mind is thinking, how the heck did he escape my North South Choke? I mean, it was locked in deep and I thought he was done! Several minutes later Tim mentions that he thinks he may be able to do it again so I put him in the North South Choke and BOOM he escapes! I try it again this time on my better side and he escapes again! Then Tim shows me how he did it and I have a crack at the escape and it worked. Wow, I’m impressed! Thanks Timmy, now I have to go back and rework my North South Choke so I can counter his escape and finish the Choke. I also need to pressure test the escape and see if I can add it to my game. Welcome to the exciting and sometimes frustrating world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


Marcelo Garcia applying a flawless North South Choke!


I feel some serious study of MGinaction (please feel free to use the promo code “Jiu Jitsu Kingdom” for a free one week trial of MGinaction) coming on over the weekend! 🙂 And I am looking forward to getting back on the mats to work on my North South Choke and North South Choke counter. A big thanks to my students at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom for helping me grow and develop both as a coach and student on my journey towards mastery of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

So if you live in Sydney, work in Sydney or are just visiting, I encourage you to stop by and join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, experience or affiliation. As long as you come in with a good attitude and are willing and eager to learn, we welcome you with open arms! I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

Good Luck With Your Training And Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom

“Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy holiday!”

December 27, 2010

A belated Merry Christmas to you and I hope you had a fantastic day and wish you a safe, happy holiday season! I’m sure some of you are indulging in a little less training and a little more eating sot please try to keep in mind that a little exercise goes a long way in helping you prevent putting on weight over the holiday season! So dont forget to keep up some strength and conditioning work, some drills or even some rolling when you can and your body will thank you for it when you step back on the mat! Thanks to Amaury Bitteti for the image below as I borrowed that from his facebook page!

Merry Christmas!

Again I hope you are starting to think and ponder over what you have achieved this year in your training and personal life. And starting to think, plan and dream about what you hope to achieve in 2011! A new year is coming which means a new beginning, so wherever you are now, whatever your situation you can change it and make 2011 the best year yet! I know it will be one of the best ever for me and if everything goes according to plan I believe I will accompish more this year than I have in the last five! 🙂

Good Luck with your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom