Infinite Learning!

So I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for almost 13 years now and the one thing that amazes me is the infinite amount of knowledge that is out there to acquire in Jiu Jitsu. Just this week alone I have learnt so much about attacking the back and understanding transitions from there between positional changes and submission attacks and all because I have done a dozen rounds of positional rolling from there with a training partner! It truly astounds me just how deeply some people understand the basics… I can only imagine the skill level, depth of understanding and timing that someone like Rickson, Royler or Roger Gracie have in these and all positions in Jiu Jitsu. It is truly remarkable!

Another basic concept that I utilise and teach my students about is mirroring and shutting down an opponent’s offense and techniques. Well this has certainly sunk into my sub-conscience through some “Deep Cell” learning this week as well and I am surprised at just how little I now realise I understood about it previously! While training with a training partner coming back from injury, he was remarkably successful in shutting down a lot of my offense through the use of mirroring and resetting his base, grips and position. I got to truly feel and experience some high level Jiu Jitsu tactics and have them explained to me in simple terms afterwards!

Now I have always been one to say “there are No Secrets” but you know what I am starting to seriously question that! I am not saying there is a mystical technique that makes you unstoppable or submits everyone but I do believe there are levels of understanding in Jiu Jitsu that separate even good black belts from great black belts and Masters. Sadly I believe that very few people actually put in the time to learn and understand techniques on such a level and that s why they sometimes encounter problems applying what they know against athletic opponents… Although their techniques may be correct, their angles are wrong so they don’t move as efficiently or effectively as they possibly could and as such have trouble applying them against a resisting opponent. So next time you see someone roll their eyes when told they are practising Hips Escapes, Armbars from Guard or Escaping Side Control, smile, keep an open mind and reap the rewards of really learning and understanding how and why the techniques work!


Good Luck with your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom


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