Be Inspired… Better yet, be Inspirational!

Why is it that so many people are quick to offer excuses for defeat and to criticise other successful individuals? Wouldn’t it serve you better to complement, respect and admire a job well done? Learn from the experience, understand the meaning of sacrifice and the time and dedication it takes to achieve a worthy goal. This where our attention should be focused! Be inspired… Better yet, be Inspirational!

If your goal is to reach and surpass your potential then you have no business making excuses, pointing the finger of blame, bad mouthing others or complaining. You have to take responsibility for your own actions and ignore the “Haters”. And believe me, as you start to achieve success there will always be people there that question you, take cheap shots at you and try to tear you down. You have to ignore them… It’s a case of “Mind over Matter”, if you don’t mind they don’t matter!

You have an opportunity to stand out, to do what you do so well that you inspire others! If you are not the best in your field don’t fret, you can still inspire others by choosing to be accountable and striving for excellence. Work harder, smarter and be more passionate. Do what others are unwilling to do, make sacrifices, choose to be extraordinary!

Remember that you always have a choice. Choose to inspire, choose to be different, choose to never speak ill of anyone and only speak of the good in others. Be a leader, teach through your actions not your words. Work hard, work smart and enjoy the journey towards mastery!

Good Luck with Your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom


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