Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sydney!

So another great week of training at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom has come to an end! The Jiu Jitsu Kingdom team is really making some solid progress and we have had some really great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes this week! I would have to say the Thursday night Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class was one of the most competitive classes in a while with some pretty slick back takes and some awesome rolls! The Jiu Jitsu Kingdom team continue to impress me and I am thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in the art with them.

One of the great things about training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the continuous learning and experimentation in the art. Just when you think you are starting to get a handle on a technique, someone comes along and throws a wrench in your plans. For me this week it was one of my students Tim! I have been working on my North South Choke pretty diligently since January when I was lucky enough to train with Marcelo Garcia in New York! I had been having a large degree of success with it for several months and was feeling pretty good about my development. That is until Wednesday afternoon when we were training and I sunk the North South Choke. As I was beginning to squeeze and wait for the tap, BOOM! Tim gets out and reverses me! What the? 🙂 We keep training meanwhile my mind is thinking, how the heck did he escape my North South Choke? I mean, it was locked in deep and I thought he was done! Several minutes later Tim mentions that he thinks he may be able to do it again so I put him in the North South Choke and BOOM he escapes! I try it again this time on my better side and he escapes again! Then Tim shows me how he did it and I have a crack at the escape and it worked. Wow, I’m impressed! Thanks Timmy, now I have to go back and rework my North South Choke so I can counter his escape and finish the Choke. I also need to pressure test the escape and see if I can add it to my game. Welcome to the exciting and sometimes frustrating world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


Marcelo Garcia applying a flawless North South Choke!


I feel some serious study of MGinaction (please feel free to use the promo code “Jiu Jitsu Kingdom” for a free one week trial of MGinaction) coming on over the weekend! 🙂 And I am looking forward to getting back on the mats to work on my North South Choke and North South Choke counter. A big thanks to my students at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom for helping me grow and develop both as a coach and student on my journey towards mastery of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

So if you live in Sydney, work in Sydney or are just visiting, I encourage you to stop by and join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, experience or affiliation. As long as you come in with a good attitude and are willing and eager to learn, we welcome you with open arms! I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

Good Luck With Your Training And Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom


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