“Jiu Jitsu Kingdom – Mat Experiences”

Another great week at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom comes to an end and it’s awesome to see everyone practicing and applying their techniques! This week’s focus was on taking, controlling and attacking the back and I think I saw more back takes in rolling this week than I have all month! Great effort people! 🙂

It is amazing to see how tweaking a few small details here and there can completely improve someone’s ability to use a technique  in a live situation. What we learn from this is that it is SSSOOO important to pay attention in class, listen to your instructor, focus on doing the techniques correctly and allow your body to develop a feel for how the technique works. In addition to this you must allow your mind to understand why the technique works and when to apply it! If you do this you will improve tremendously!

On friday, I even had the pleasure of training with a visiting BJJ purple belt Ash, from New Zealand. It is always great to meet like-minded and  passionate students of the art with an open mind. I really enjoyed teaching the class, had fun, learnt a few new things and made another friend. What more could a person ask for in life? 🙂 It  never cease to amaze me just how many great people there are all over the world! Jiu Jitsu training really does sort the men from the boys so to speak and attract positive and friendly people onto the mats! Anyway if you live around Sydney or are ever just passing through, please feel free to stop by and do a class. everyone is welcome as long as you are willing to leave your ego at the door and come in with a good attitude!

All in all, a great week! I look forward to getting back on the mats to teach and train next week! Oh and good luck competing in the Worlds Ash!

Good Luck In Your Training And Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez



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