“Joe Moreira Guard Series”

Here are some video clips from a Joe Moreira seminar earlier this year that I found on YouTube. Although he covers a lot of basic concepts and techniques I still believe they are excellent and worth sharing! I hope you enjoy them.

Joe Moreira has been around for a long time in Jiu Jitsu circles and even fought in some of the early UFC’s! It is very rare that you get to see a 7th Dan(Coral Belt) demonstrating technique and sharing his knowledge in public so I hope you learn from these videos as I have!

Joe Moreira has produced some excellent black belts such as Roy Harris, Michael Jen, Ed Beneville, Gustavo Froes etc. who are phenomenal teachers with tremendous attention to detail and Joe Moreira has a reputation as a monster on the mat!

I hope you enjoyed these videos and they helped your game! Now go and put what you have learned into practise! 🙂

Good Luck with Your Training And Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom



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