“A Private Class With Paul Schreiner!”

On my last day in New York, I had the great pleasure of taking a private class with Paul Schreiner. Paul is one of the instructors at Marcelo Garcia’s academy in New York. Now for those of you that don’t know  about Paul Schreiner, Paul is a world class BJJ competitor having medalled in the Mundials and Pan Ams amongst other major championships. Paul is a passionate Jiu jitsu instructor with a very technical and analytical mind for Jiu jitsu.

Paul is a beast on the mat and I was fortunate enough to experience this first hand rolling with him in Marcelo’s Advanced classes. I felt that while we were training he was able to continually bring me into his game and guide me away from my strengths which is frustrating to say the least! 🙂 I guess the best way for me to describe rolling with him is that he is very technical, tricky and likes to set cunning traps for his opponent. Just when you think you have nullified his movement, he sweeps you! And I felt that his passing game was amongst the best I have ever rolled with especially his hook exchange!

Paul is a fantastic instructor and really shines when it comes to breaking down and analysing techniques to add to your game. Paul was happy to answer any question we had and show us the very important details which often make the difference between a technique working or not, particularly at the highest levels. He relentlessly seeks perfection in his techniques and insisted that was the only way to train correctly.

One of the ideas he stressed which although simple in theory is often ignored even by high level competitors is that you never apply power or energy in a technique that is not perfect! For example if you are on your opponent’s back attempting to choke him and your opponent has his chin tucked or his hands in to defend the choke you DO NOT squeeze and apply pressure until you have set the technique correctly, that is under your opponent’s chin and clear of his hands.  You must set it in your mind that you will not apply pressure unless your technique is perfect and if you do this your technique will dramatically improve, your ability to finish will sky rocket and even if you are dog tired you will have confidence that you can finish your opponent!

I highly recommend that you take a private class with Paul if you have the opportunity! Paul is an extremely dedicated instructor and it really shows when he is on the mat. Paul was happy to go over time, making sure we understood the nuances of the positions he worked with us and due to that commitment I have been able to work several of the techniques he taught straight into my game on the mat this week! Thanks again Paul, those half guard positions are off the hook and have been working like a charm! If anyone is interested in training with Paul he can be contacted through Marcelo Garcia’s academy: nyc@marcelogarciajj.com . I look forward to training with him again in the future!

Good Luck With Your Training and Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu Jitsu Kingdom



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