“Training With Marcelo Garcia In New York!”

After 11 days in the United States I am finally glad to be home! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I loved the business and training trip and learnt  a ridiculous amount of material in such a short time span! From learning business strategies with Lloyd Irvin and Marcos Avellan, to talking BJJ with Rafael Lovato Jr, Pablo Poppovich, Daniel Gracie, Paul Schreiner, discussing MMA with Greg Nelson, Rory and Adam Singer, Dominic Cruz, Din Thomas, and talking about Traditional Martial Arts and how to apply and integrate them into modern MMA with Cameron Quinn and so many more wonderful experiences… However my personal favourite still had to be training and chatting with Marcelo Garcia in his New York Academy!

I have been such huge a fan of Marcelo Garcia’s for many years and I was lucky to get the opportunity to train with him again for a few days! And although Marcelo is known as a legendary competitor, a lot of people just don’t realise just how great he is as a coach! Marcelo thoroughly breaks down his game and techniques so that anyone can understand the theory behind them, the when, why and how to apply his techniques with tremendous success! Marcelo is able to chain his attacks into an unending series of techniques that will catch his opponent off guard whether he uses the first or fifth technique in the series… Most of the time is opponent will succumb to his relentless pressure and technical expertise!

Marcelo offers a great program and caters to all types of people from beginners through advanced students and competitors as well as executives, and women! Marcelo’s wife Tatiana is always on hand to help out with any inquiries and jump in the class whenever any women come in to train at the gym. Marcelo Garcia’s academy is situated in New York City and a definite MUST SEE(train) for any Jiu jitsu students stopping over in New York!

The talent that come through his doors to learn from the master is incredible! On the mat at any time you have the likes of Marcelo Garcia, his assistant instructors Paul Schreiner and Henrique Rezende(both extremely technical, very friendly and helpful) and a host of other talented grapplers… For example while we were training there UFC fighter Kurt “Batman” Pelligrino was on the mats training and I believe Paul mentioned that Jake Shields and his brother were coming out to train in the next few weeks!

If you spend time on the mat with Marcelo your game will improve tremendously as will your ability to think quickly under pressure!!! You will have no alternative other than to speed up your thinking process and mental faculties just to try and survive! 🙂 His skills are out of this world and rolling with Marcelo for five minutes is worth a month of training or more as he quickly and methodically exposes your flaws and holes in your game which if you work on will help take you to the next level! I couldn’t recommend training with Marcelo highly enough as not only is he one of the best Jiu jitsu practitioners in the world, he’s also one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet!

Good Luck With Your Training And Happy Rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom



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6 Responses to ““Training With Marcelo Garcia In New York!””

  1. Kage Says:

    Hey Felipe
    I was able to catch you on the mats at Marcelo’s the other week. I totally agree that it’s an amazing place to train! Hope to see you in New York again.

  2. Colin Says:


    Sounds like an unreal experience! I’m extremely jealous. Any vids or some more pics from your time with MG?

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      A few more vids coming soon, unfortunately didn’t take nearly as much video and photos as I would have liked as I was training most of the time! 🙂
      Kind Regards

  3. Derek Says:

    You’ll have to put two crosses through this one on the bucket list now!

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