“More on what I have in mind question wise for Rickson Gracie”

Well I thought I’d take a few minutes to clarify what I have in mind question wise for Rickson when he comes out to Sydney in November. Please bear in mind that Rickson is considered to be “The Unquestioned Authority” on Jiu jitsu law and an example of the finest technique in the world!

So for me, I am not interested in the latest new sweep used in the Mundials, the 50 50 guard or the best strength and conditioning routine for BJJ students(although I believe they all have value!). I would like to learn more about the most basic of positions like:

– THE MOUNT – How does he like to control his opponent from there? Does he like to change frequently between the various mounted positions(hooks in, ankles crossed underneath/Sky diving position, S mount, regular knees pinched sitting up mount etc)? How does he connect with his opponent and lock down his opponents hips so they feel stuck under crushing weight unable to move? How does he maintain strong and stable base while setting up the basic cross choke? How does he isolate and control the opponent’s arms to set up the armbar? Tips on getting the opponent to turn over exposing his back. Setting up and mounting your opponent from various positions. Applying crushing weight and improving my base from there. And just general all round critiquing of my technique and movement from this position. How does he like to escape the mount? Tips on connecting with his opponent, disrupting his base, stifling his offense and setting up the escape. Rickson’s technical details on basics such as upa and hips escape from underneath the mount.

– THE BACK – What is Rickson’s preferred methods of taking the back? Details on setting up the mata leon while transitioning towards the back. Use of angles to block the opponent’s escapes. What is Rickson’s preferred method of controlling(over under, double unders etc) and finishing from the back? Does his controlling position from the back change much between gi and no gi? How does he like to create confusion in the opponents from here to set up the submission? What are his preferred methods of escaping the back from various positions? Does he teach going to his knees(turtle) to prevent the guard pass or does he feel it is too risky? Escaping and reversing from the turtle position. Replacing the guard(rolling, spinning, going to half guard, escaping and turning to seated etc).

– CORE SELF DEFENSE MOVEMENTS – What does he feel are the absolute must know basic self-defense positions(bear hug, headlock, collar grab, rear choke etc) for everyone? Tips on achieving greater leverage while escaping from all of these positions. Which movements does he feel are better suited towards security and law enforcement personnel? How he likes to close the distance against opponents in self-defense and mma situations(similarities and differences between the two)? When does he employ strikes to set up submissions or takedowns? Developing a strong base and disrupting the opponents base. What does he feel are the most important throws/takedowns to develop as a Jiu jitsu practitioner(hip throws, trips, seoinage, sacrifice throws etc)? 

These are just a few of the questions that I would like to hear the master’s thoughts on. There are plenty more, as a matter of fact I could spend a lifetime asking him questions and learning from him. I would also love to learn more about developing the finest technique applying his ideas on Invisible Jiu jitsu and becoming a better teacher! Anyway that’s all from me for now as I have to get ready for work! Have a great week-end and please feel free to share your thoughts!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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6 Responses to ““More on what I have in mind question wise for Rickson Gracie””

  1. “More on what I have in mind question wise for Rickson Gracie” | Australia featured blogs Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Twitter Trackbacks…

  3. Derek Says:

    Side control escapes!

  4. Justin Says:

    I would be very interested in what Rickson believes is ‘good’ hip movement. In particular his details about the upa in escaping mount/side control. He is so fluid!

    Thanks Felipe

  5. Mark Says:

    More on his concepts, like connection to opponent in all positions, economy of motion, weight distribution, control and of course his two step armbar 😉 Thanks mate.


  6. rob Says:

    I’d be really interested more on escapes especially from side mount where he apparently has some non-traditional views.

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