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“Shape Shifter – by Geoff Thompson”

May 31, 2010

Last week one of my students Richard, gave me a book called “Shape Shifter” by Geoff Thompson. Now I have been a huge fan of Geoff Thompson‘s books, video tapes(showing my age a little as videos are now ancient!) and dvds for many years and they have been instrumental in my development as a martial artist and bouncer/security professional. The theme of this book was somewhat different to what I had read from Geoff in the past but equally valuable and life changing! Think of it as Jiu jitsu for your mind! 🙂

Have you ever read a book that just made sense and resonated with something deep inside you? Well for me “Shape Shifter” was one of those books… Right message, right time and it cut to straight to the heart of becoming the person you want to be. “Shape Shifter” is a highly inspirational, and motivating book on learning how to use your mind combined with a burning desire to change your life for the better instantly! Not tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or any of the other excuses we as humans often make for ourselves but right now, this very instant! Geoff shares some powerful strategies and tactics to take you from where you are now to where you have always wanted to go in life and help you achieve everything your heart desires! I couldn’t put it down and read it cover to cover in less than 24 hours!

I highly recommend that you buy this book, read it and put Geoff‘s ideas into practise immediately! Then watch your life transform… Dont wait for others to tell you how good/bad it is or how it helps or doesn’t help them, apply yourself diligently and be the proof that you really can change your life in an instant and that there really is no limitation on what you can achieve regardless of what anyone tells you! Live your dreams, apply yourself and look forward to “The Quickening”!!!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom

P.S. I highly recommend that you check out Geoff Thompson‘s website and learn from one of the leading self-protection specialists in the world! I personally own 8 of his books and 5 of his videos and highly recommend each and every one of them especially for martial artists, security and law enforcement personnel!


“Q & A with Robert Follis”

May 22, 2010

Team Quest Head Coach Robert Follis took some time out of his busy schedule to do a quick interview for the blog. I hope you enjoy it and learn as much as I have from his vast experience and knowledge. It is my great pleasure to share the following interview with you.

JJK: What advice would you offer to a Jiu jitsu student who was interested in fighting mma?

ROBERT: The main thing is that you need to be well-rounded. No one art is enough although it is nice to have a specialty in your game.

JJK: What are some of the common mistakes that Jiu jitsu fighters make in mma and how can they correct them?

ROBERT: You have to understand how important it is to be on top in a fight. If you are on the bottom most judges will have you losing even if you are attacking. Being on top is king!

JJK: With regards to your own Jiu jitsu training, do you train with the gi, no gi or both and why?

ROBERT: I think no gi is the most important aspect of fighting because there is no gis in fighting to speak of anymore. I have recently started adding more gi work and I think it adds to your game but it is not a necessity like no gi is for fighting mma.

JJK: If someone walked into your gym wanting to learn self-defense what would you recommend and how would you train them? Is there much difference between this self-defense and mma fight training?

ROBERT: Self defense is totally different to me. When you can bite, eye gouge, head butt the game completely changes. Not to mention weapons and multiple people. That being said it’s pretty hard to practise biting, eye gouging and groin shots live. Training in mma disciplines like BJJ, kickboxing and wrestling are things you can do against live opponents and in addition to getting you in shape will give you a huge advantage in a self-defense situation.

JJK: When training in Jiu jitsu, do you feel it is important to train with certain principles/concepts in mind and if so what are some of these principles/concepts?

ROBERT: You have to spar. Without resistance you never really know if you know something. You also need drilling and ive and take sparring where the goal is not to win but to work lots of different skills in, especially ones you are working on into the go.

JJK: Can you explain the concept of building your energy and building an “Aggressive Defense”?

ROBERT: Great question! Assuming you are doing your physical conditioning and diet are right the key is to learning to control your emotional state. Fighters and competitors who go far are good at controlling their emotional state and also know how to get into their peak emotional state to compete. I call it attacking defense. It is a mindset more than anything. It is the idea that even while I am defending I am looking to break you mentally and always looking for a way to attack you.

Myself with Robert Follis after a great seminar!


JJK: What advice would you offer someone new to coaching mma?

ROBERT: During fights less talking is more. Really study your craft. Get to know your athletes and what their needs are. They are probably different than you.

JJK: What do you feel are the absolute basic,  most essential tools/skills necessary to compete in mma?

ROBERT: Good basics in striking, wrestling and grappling. Getting in great shape, and learning about diet, and cutting weight. Working on controlling your emotional state.

JJK: How important is the mental aspect of fighting and how can an athlete develop their mental skills and fighting spirit?

ROBERT: Wow! Thats a long one. If you aren’t on mentally the physical wont matter. Controlling your focus and emotions are more important than the physical things because if you can’t control them the physical might never get to go. So much to go into on that. Maybe we could do a follow-up just on that later?

JJK: In your own personal training, what are you spending most of your time working on these days?

ROBERT: Judo, clinch fighting, knee riding the head, and reverse triangle and guard stuff.

JJK: Finally where do you see the future of mma heading? And what do you feel will be the next evolution in the sport?

ROBERT: I think the level of athletes is going to keep getting better and better. There will be trends here and there but really it will always be about the big three: wrestling, striking and submissions.

JJK: Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge with our readers. Any parting words? 

ROBERT: Find a way to have fun and you will train more. This sport like many other things is really a game of attrition. Staying healthy and staying motivated to keep training are essential. If you give up you lose. Hope to see you guys soon.

Thanks again to Robert for a very insightful Q & A. If you ever get a chance to do a seminar with him or are anywhere near his gym in Portland, Oregon(USA), you really should take the time to train with Robert. I am sure it will be a big eye opener and huge learning experience for you!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom

P.S. I’ll leave you with a quote that Robert sent me, I hope you like it!

“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… We must do that which we think we cannot”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Mario Sperry teaching the Half Guard”

May 18, 2010

Here is a clip of legendary Jiu jitsu fighter and teacher, Mario “Zen Machine” Sperry! I found this a while ago and have been meaning to post it for quite some time! Former Multiple time World BJJ/ADCC/PRIDE Champion Mario Sperry shares some of his half guard secrets that he has used at the highest levels of competition! Ze Mario truly is one of the greatest competitors of all time as well as a world-class Jiu jitsu/MMA coach and  has helped bring out the best in many of BTT’s modern-day superstars!!! For those of you who enjoy playing half guard and deep half guard, here is your chance to learn from one of its pioneers!

On a side note I thought this clip was particularly fitting as Ze Mario will be out here in Sydney for a series of seminars in July and I cant wait to train with the master again! I’m very excited and hope to get some exclusive footage of a few techniques for the blog so if there is anything that you would like to see please comment and let me know!

A quick photo at BTT after a gruelling session back in the day! 🙂

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom

“Stability ball training with Jeff Glover”

May 9, 2010

Here’s another cool training video on the stability ball this time with Jeff Glover, I hope you enjoy it. Again, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be super careful before attempting these drills! And only perform them on a matted area under appropriate supervision!

Check back in a couple of days for some new material and I hope these videos help you improve your balance for Jiu jitsu!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom