“Stability Ball training and Jiu jitsu”

Here’s a topic that I have been meaning to write about for some time now and that is “Stability Ball training” for Jiu jitsu athletes. Stability ball training is a great supplement to Jiu jitsu training. You can work on your technique, balance, coordination as well as strength and conditioning. There are lots of cool drills that you can do to improve your athleticism and balance for Jiu jitsu and here is a great video of Abmar Barbosa working the stability ball. Abmar is one of Jiu jitsu’s brightest rising stars, Enjoy!!!

There’s so much that I’d like to say but the video really does the “Stability Ball training” more justice than words ever could. So let me just say, PLEASE BE CAREFUL when attempting Stability Ball training. Try to always practise on a padded surface like BJJ mats and don’t attempt any movements that you feel are above your current ability level until you have developed some good balance and dynamic movement skills! To find out more about Abmar Barbosa check out: http://www.abmarbarbosajiujitsu.com/ .

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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7 Responses to ““Stability Ball training and Jiu jitsu””

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  2. Owen Says:

    Another great post mate! I’ve often wondered about the stability ball stuff ESP as you see guys like Galvao and Leozinho do it and their jiu jitsu is amazing. I can do some of those drills but standing on that ball seems so foreign and difficult to me. I wonder if it is a black belt skill that u’ll acquire over time as your balance and body/spatial awareness improve! Anyway keep up the good work bro!

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      Thanks O, I too am blown away by the balance and sheer athleticism of some of these guys on the stability ball! Actually I can stand on the ball with great difficulty but I can squat or move around on it easily standing and I certainly cant jump up onto it!!! Glad you enjoyed it bro and I’ll catch up with you at the comp on sunday!
      Kind regards

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