“The Journey Begins”


"The Journey Begins"

On the 10th April 2010, my son “Hunter Grez “was born and his journey through life began. Although he is barely over two weeks old it is amazing to see just how fast he is growing and learning…. I only wish I could learn at the speed he does! 🙂 It seems that not only has Hunter’s journey begun, but my own as well, as a parent. Hunter is my first child and I am so happy, excited, nervous, protective, elated and a little scared!

It is amazing how new experiences challenge us to learn and grow in unexpected ways and expand our comfort zone! Just like when you begin Jiu jitsu (or any other martial art), you feel uncomfortable and uncoordinated but after just a few weeks/months the movements start to feel more natural and your mind starts to unlock and explore your physical potential. Things that seemed so foreign to you now start to feel normal and you even begin to help the newer students learn and understand the movements.

Hunter Grez with a gift from some of my students(friends) at Jiu jitsu Kingdom!


Just like becoming a parent for the first time, I was excited and I thought I was ready but at the same time I was a little scared… How do I hold a baby correctly, would I be a good father, how do I change a nappy and could I settle him when he starts crying? Within hours I felt completely at ease (and at peace) holding my newborn son, under the supervision of a midwife I changed my son’s first nappy (it wasnt that hard 🙂 ), I felt a profound sense of love and protectiveness for my son and yes when he cries I pick him up and he settles almost immediately! I know I will be a great father because I love him with all of my heart, I would do anything for him and will do everything in my power to give him the very best in life! 

I know I have a long road ahead of me and a lot to learn. However I am excited about the journey and look forward to the miraculous road ahead of me. And yes I can’t wait until Hunter is old enough for me to start teaching him Jiu jitsu but, all in good time. For now I will just enjoy the journey, learn all that I can along the way and do my best to be a great role model and guide in his life! 

Self Explanatory I think... My son will learn Jiu jitsu before he can even walk!


Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom

P.S. Now you probably know why I have been a bit slack with the blog as of late! I will endeavour to catch up and post a whole heap of new material that I have sitting around at home! Thanks for your patience and I’ll speak to you soon!


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5 Responses to ““The Journey Begins””

  1. Owen Says:

    Congrats again bro! I’m sure you’ll be a great Dad and Hunter will have a long and distinguished Bjj career ahead!

  2. Rob Says:


    Your life will never be the same…for the good.

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