Seminar with Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and Allan Goes!

On Monday the 1st of March, I had the great honour and privilege of attending a seminar with Pride/UFC  vets and former Carlson Gracie team members Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and Allan Goes! And what a great seminar is was… We got the chance to learn Jiu jitsu as applied to mma by two of the best in the business and it was an opportunity not to be missed!!! 

Alex Prates, Allan Goes, Felipe Grez(me), Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Bernardo Trekko

To begin with Minotauro and Allan started by teaching a couple of defenses against the double leg. First by using the whizzer and pivoting to give your opponent a single leg instead. From here we worked the head down and took the opponent down into a top sprawl/turtle position. Second Minotauro showed how to throw your opponent with a combination knee bump and Thai style neck throw (as well as how to set up strikes) if you couldn’t work the opponent’s head down.

Minotauro then taught a bunch of techniques from the top sprawl/turtle position starting with the no gi clock choke from the back. I asked Allan to demonstrate on me to see how it felt an Allan replied “My pleasure” with a big grin on his face! To say that it was one of the tightest chokes I’ve ever felt was an understatement! From here Minotauro taught a series of chokes beginning with the anaconda choke(Minotauro special), and just like all things in Jiu jitsu it was the little details that made all the difference! Minotauro then showed how to transition into a D’arce choke by switching grips and going underneath your opponent. This was followed by another D’arce variation in which you maintained the top position and turned your opponent over to their side to set up the finish. The final choke was a modified guillotine using a mata leon grip and the Minotauro and Allan did a really cool thing… They taught an awesome flow drill to combine the techniques as your opponent progressively defends each technique and you flow into the next! While practising the techniques I asked Minotauro a question regarding defense and he showed me a really cool back take variation if the technique failed! Very cool!!! 🙂

Some of the Jiu jitsu Kingdom team with Minotauro and Allan Goes!


Allan Goes then took over and taught a series of techniques from the guard for mma beginning with how to tie up your opponent in the closed guard and how to safely transition into an aggressive open guard should the opponent begin standing to strike. We worked on setting up the Up kick as well then moved on to flowing into a tripod sweep and taking the top position. Some old school techniques here but still very relevant(though often neglected) and solid for mma. Allan then finished with setting up a helicopter style armbar from the tripod position and while this was maybe a little more advanced than most people could pull off, it was still nice to see the master in action! Allan Goes’s guard is beautiful to watch and lethally effective… A point that Minotauro hammered home several times throughout the seminar and Minotauro was very proud to call Allan his Jiu jitsu coach!

Throughout the seminar Minotauro and Allan interjected their ideas on strategy, technique and aggression for mma as well as always putting yourself in a safe position to attack/defend from. I was very fortunate to do a five-minute roll with the legend, Minotauro and his technique was very impressive as he shut down my game and dominated me on the mat finishing me with a nice knee bar and a D’arce choke from inside my half guard. I was very honoured to roll with him again and learnt a lot from the experience! Allan then talked a little about the history of the art, respect for the art and your teachers, loyalty, continually learning and working with a good team. Allan obviously had a lot of respect for the martial ways and culture of Japan and like Minotauro was a true martial Artist. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and would highly recommend that you take the opportunity to train with them if you ever get the chance! It was a fantastic learning experience, thanks to Alex Prates and Bernardo Trekko for hosting them at their TP Gym.

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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One Response to “Seminar with Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and Allan Goes!”

  1. mehrdad Says:

    hii my names mehrdad and im a very huge fan of minotauro’s im 14 years old i would love to get taught by him but i live in the uk is there any way i could get taught by minotauro i do mma aswell i work on my jiu jitsu aswell please write back thank you .

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