“Seminars-A different perspective!”

What a great time it has been for Jiu jitsu/MMA here in Australia! Just last friday I had the privilege of meeting and training with UFC legend, Randy “The Natural” Couture, as he was out in Australia doing some promotional work for the UFC  and decided to do some last minute seminars in Sydney… An opportunity I could not pass up! 🙂 Randy is a great communicator, amazing coach and all round good guy…No wonder he has been such a great ambassador for the sport of MMA.

The seminar that I attended by Randy was great, and offered another perspective on the skills used in mma. Randy taught how to blend wrestling with Jiu jitsu to create a devastatingly effective method of fighting in the cage! Randy taught us some techniques and concepts that have worked well for him in his career as a mixed martial artist and how he likes to use his wrestling background to safely enter, control the clinch, take down and dominate his opponents. Now what was interesting is that a lot of people say that wrestling is very attribute based and not so technical. With Randy this couldn’t be further from the truth as he continually emphasized technique and leverage to control, takedown and submit your opponent! Randy talked about protecting yourself at all times and escaping bad positions as well as setting up your opponent! Now for a Jiu jitsu coach like myself this was great and I learned a lot that I will add to my curriculum. My somewhat limited wrestling knowledge had led me to believe that a lot of the skills and drills didn’t really have much of a place in learning to defend yourself or fight in the cage… How wrong I was! 🙂 Randy has definitely inspired me to really learn more about wrestling and decide for myself what is suitable for my students other than just the basic pummeling, double leg, single leg, sprawl etc! 

A Seminar with Randy "The Natural" Couture!

With UFC 110 on Sunday, there were a lot of great coaches out here teaching seminars including Guerrilla Jiu jitsu phenom and AKA Head Jiu jitsu coach Dave Camarillo. Now unfortunately I was unable to attend Dave’s seminar but luckily one of my students did and from what I hear it was great! Dave’s emphasis on the basics of Jiu jitsu especially for no gi and mma was fantastic and I was disappointed not have learnt it from him first hand! Dave’s thoughts and philosophies were well received and I hope to get the chance to learn from him in the future!

Not to worry though as I still have on more seminar to attend on monday night and that is by none other than former Pride/UFC Champion/legend Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira! And let me say I’m pumped! Minotauro has been one of my favourite Jiu jitsu/mma fighters for many years and I eagerly look forward to seeing what he has to share with us!

Minotauro and I three days before his fight at UFC 110!

And for those of you that didn’t get a chance to watch UFC 110, please go back and do so! The fight between George Sotiropoulos and Joe “Daddy” Stevenson was a barn burner and possibly one of the greatest displays of Jiu jitsu in MMA that I have seen in quite a while!!! Great, great fight and yes George did us Aussies proud, as did Jamie Tehuna in an earlier untelevised bout! the atmosphere was electric and I’m still on a huge high from the UFC!!! But in actuality it was the seminars that I learn the most from and got to experience a different perspective!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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4 Responses to ““Seminars-A different perspective!””

  1. Owen Says:

    Another great article bro! I’m sorry that I missed The Natural, but only could choose one seminar (which was mino). Enjoy Monday mate, if it is half as good as the one I went to it will be an amazing seminar. I got so much out of it I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  2. Lawrence Lai Says:

    I’m the master of cheapness.

    I will slyly ask Owen about what he picked up at Mino’s seminar and steal the techinques from him for free.

    Ah the ways of the asian are strong in me. Not to mention what Sensei Liam has taught me about saving and earning money, JEW-Jitsu! jk.

  3. Lawrence Lai Says:

    Yo felipe, its public knowledge that you’re not a fan of politics in martial arts – I got this from the infinitemma post you made back in december 2009.

    Martial Arts, especially traditional forms have a rich history entrenched in politics.

    BJJ unfortunately has not escaped this, even though its a relatively new Martial Art.

    Maybe a blog on how bjj fans can use politics to excel in bjj, improve grades, attain favour from coaches? I think it would be a useful and controversial blog?

    Playing the Game, in anything in life has his role, e.g. Work, you always deal with politics at work and if you can swing things in your favour, it can benefit you. I think this also goes with bjj.

  4. John1177 Says:

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