“Good Basics win fights!!!”

It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about Jiu jitsu competition, no gi competition, mma, boxing or any other combat sport… “Good Basics win fights”!!! Look at  Roger Gracie, arguably the best Jiu jitsu fighter in the world today winning all his fights with the most basic of positions. Good solid basics that everyone knows executed with perfect timing are almost unstoppable! A great example was in Roger’s dominating performance at the 2009 World Jiu jitsu Championships in which Roger choked out all of his opponents from the mount using techniques commonly taught to absolute beginners! Think about that next time you are attempting that gogoplata from mount… Can you sweep, pass, mount and submit all or at least most of your training partners with your basic techniques? Ok the, how about just the guys around your level or even ALL of the guys who are at a lower level than you??? I doubt it! 🙂 The reason the basics are so important is because they work all the time. Unlike some of the more advanced techniques which usually require a certain set of circumstances to apply, the basics can be set up and made to work by things as simple as breaking your opponent’s grips and posture or correctly applying your weight to create solid base! Observe some footage of Roger Gracie in Action below.

In mma, the same concept of” Good Basics win fights”. Take a look at Jiu jitsu and mma legend Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira. Minotauro has been winning fights at the highest level using solid boxing basics and good efficient Jiu jitsu techniques. Again, Minotauro executes his techniques with impeccable timing. All of the Jiu jitsu techniques and positions that you see Minotauro apply in his mma fights would be familiar to most blue belts, however the difference is great timing and perfect execution of his techniques which makes him stand out from the crowd and submit countless champions and legends of mma! Take a look at a great tribute of Minotauro below!

Oh and here’s an old photo I dug up  from a training trip to Rio way back in the day, enjoy! 🙂

An old photo of Minotauro, me and Ze Mario at BTT headquarters!

So next time you hit the mats to train the latest new technique that you learnt from the internet or by watching the latest ADCC or Mundials, take a moment to think about how you may get better use of your time on the mat… Lets get back to basics and remember, “Perfect practise makes perfect” and let’s try and make our basics unstoppable!!!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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4 Responses to ““Good Basics win fights!!!””

  1. Clive Says:

    Loved the first 25 seconds which demostrated how simple “Judo” throws can gain you a huge advantage on the ground

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      It’s pretty awesome to see Roger’s lethal simpicity with the basics and yes his Judo is off the hook!
      Kind Regards

  2. Lawrence Lai Says:

    Genki Sudo, Minowa Man and the rest of the japanese grappling cohort disagrees with you Mr. Felipe. Flash subs, leg locks and poor cycling of steroids of their thing!

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      Somehow I’m sure you meant to write allegedly in the Lawrence… 🙂 And even flash leg locks have basic principles and a deep understanding of the game allows them to set these techniques up when their opponents may be expecting them to do something else!
      Kind Regards

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