“Training Off the Mat” by special guest Jason Gulati

In this article, we will investigate individual specificity and explore the necessity of supplementary training. In layman’s terms, we will determine whether you need to train off the mat, and if so, what you should be doing. .

Due to the complex nature of BJJ, I will use the squat as an example. When you first learn to squat, it will probably be hard. The more you practice the more efficient the movement will become. This is a result of your brain learning to move the right joints, and activate the right muscle groups at the right time. When your technique looks good, you will begin to overload the exercise and eventually hit a plateau. At this point, you will probably seek other means to improve your squat.

Exercise specificity was the cause of squatting technique to improve. Eventually the exercise began to plateau (law of diminishing returns/principle of accommodation), and then new exercises were introduced (principle of variety). When a foreign stimulus is introduced it takes some time for proficiency, and usually the best way to become better at the task at hand, is by performing the task. 

Now let’s apply these sports science principles to BJJ. In modern times, movements performed in BJJ are quite foreign when compared to activities of daily living. This probably means the average Joe is very raw at performing BJJ techniques. Getting tired is normal. It doesn’t mean the individual doesn’t have a good level of fitness. It means his fitness cannot be translated into the language of BJJ. When specificity is employed (in the beginner this means practicing the sport) fitness will improve. Only when BJJ stops improving the individual’s fitness should they seek to employ a supplementary training program to enhance performance. BJJ training is the best way to increase your BJJ fitness.

Assuming you are at a level where supplementary training will cause your game to sky-rocket, what should you do? It is important to realize that a training program should be individualized. This means your program needs to be designed according to your needs, and not printed off the workouts page of your favourite fighter’s website.

Professional athletes are highly refined in their respective sports. They have exhausted the potential of basic exercises and now seek more advanced means to evoke an adaptation response (simple stuff won’t work anymore). Copying the programs of the athletes you admire will not lead to similar results. In fact, many top athletes are at the top despite their training methods, not because of them! Remember, correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation. Evolve your training routine around yourself, and not around the latest training schedules out there.

Jason Gulati

REAL TRAINING (www.real-training.com.au)

Athletics, not aesthetics!

NOTE FROM FELIPE: “Special thanks to Jason Gulati of “Real Training” for sharing his knowledge! Check out his website: www.real-training.com.au , or to find out more go to www.vt1gym.com . Thanks again Jason!”

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!

Felipe Grez

Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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9 Responses to ““Training Off the Mat” by special guest Jason Gulati”

  1. Lawrence Lai Says:

    McGaster is the man!


    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      I agree with you Lawrence, and Jason’s aticle has been very well received! It’s been one of the most popular posts on the blog, I look forward to seeing he’ll be interested in a follow up in the near future! Hope your training’s going well mate!
      Kind Regards

  2. cane prevost Says:

    Congrats Felipe. Your blog looks nice. Lots of great articles. Keep up the nice work…

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Cane, I’m a big fan of your blog as well! Looking forward to doing a little extra reading tis week! 🙂
      Kind Regards

  3. Numbers Kibel Says:

    Awesome post! I have been searching for a new workout routine in google and I found your site. I just begin a training and I am pretty clueless.

  4. I love Yoga Says:

    I know this is off the topic but I found this site by searching on Yahoo for fitness articles. How did you optimize your blog to place so high in the search engine results?^_^

  5. Kendall Bulter Says:

    Could you kindly translate your website into German because I’m not so comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a cool WordPress plugin called like global translator which will translate all your articles by default- this would make reading articleson your awesome blog even more cosy. Cheers mate!

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