Marcelo Garcia’s Demo at 2009 World MMA Expo! Enjoy!

One of the things that I am always on the look out for are instructional dvds, books, magazines or video clips that will benefit my students. I really feel that the more time you spend thinking about, watching and training Jiu jitsu the better you will get (And quickly too). I know not everyone has endless time to step on the mats and train so here is a fantastic clip by the Master, Marcelo Garcia at the 2009 World MMA Expo! His technique and movement skills are awesome to watch and he gives a small glimpse into his legendary Guillotine choke game! Enjoy!!!

Marcelo Garcia is a legendary grappler with flawless technique and I hope that you take the time to watch him train, teach and compete anytime that you can. Study and dissect his game, learn how he moves, his techniques, think about why he does what he does and try to understand his strategy!

On that note, I highly recommend that you make a concerted effort to learn from Marcelo in any way possible, be it via classes, private classes, seminars, instructional dvds, books, magazines,watching him compete or even his soon to be released online instruction! You wont regret it and I guarantee your game will improve significantly, as did mine! 🙂

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!


Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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2 Responses to “Marcelo Garcia’s Demo at 2009 World MMA Expo! Enjoy!”

  1. Derek Says:

    Awesome Felipe, thanks!

  2. jiujitsukingdom Says:

    Glad you liked it mate, I did too! It’s always great to se Marcelo in Action!
    Kind Regards

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