Jiu-jitsu Universtiy… Required reading for All students of the art!

I’d like to take a few minutes to talk you about a fantastic book that EVERYONE who trains Jiu jitsu should own. It’s called “Jiu-jitsu University” and it’s written by Six time World Jiu jitsu Champion and Two time ADCC World Submission Wrestling Champion Saulo Ribeiro! Saulo Ribeiro is known as a fierce competitor on the mats, a superb technician and brilliant tactician with a never say die attitude! In his book “Jiu-jitsu University”, Saulo share his own unique thoughts about techniques, concepts, training, strategy, the belt system and the very essence of his Jiu jitsu!

Saulo is a gifted teacher and has a brilliant mind for Jiu jitsu. His ability to break down and analyse the various styles and techniques have become legendary. Saulo’s brother, Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro credits Saulo for his phenomenal success in Jiu jitsu and ADCC, himself earning Seven World Jiu jitsu Championships including two Open Weight(Absolute) in which he defeated Roger Gracie, as well as Two ADCC World Championships! Xande features prominently in the book as well! Saulo is known for his precise and methodical execution of technique and strategy. Saulo’s attention to the detail is flawless and very evident in “Jiu-jitsu University”!

In the first chapter “The Goal of the White Belt: Survival” Saulo explains the art as he understands it, in which the first thing a student needs to learn is to survive on the mat. Learning to protect yourself and survive, through the use of leverage and good position is of fundamental importance and Saulo often gives reference to Helio Gracie as being the Master of survival! Saulo believes as does Helio Gracie, that all progress in the art is built around solid and impenetrable defense and as such the focus is on good tactical position to protect yourself. If your opponent can not beat you, eventually they will make a mistake and you will be able to capitalise on it!

In the second chapter “The Blue Belt’s Secret Weapon: Escapes” Saulo talks about developing the timing and ability to escape from any position. Saulo goes in to explicit detail on how he sets up and escapes from various positions and submissions as well as some common misconceptions and mistakes students make while attempting these escapes! This is by far the best explanation of on escapes that I have ever seen and I am still learning so much from it! Saulo constantly reminds you about the correct leverage and timing to make these escapes work, as well as what mistakes to look out for.

In the third chapter “Perfecting the Purple Belt: The Guard” Saulo talks about the purpose of the guard and how to use it effectively. Saulo goes through numerous sweeps, submissions, grips/controls, guard pass defenses and recoveries from all the major guard types as well as key points to keep in mind while playing from the guard. Very detailed technique and instruction!

The fourth chapter is about “The Brown Belt’s Mission: Passing The Guard” and is by far my favourite chapter, as Saulo is known as one of the greatest guard passers of all time! Saulo takes the concept of guard passing to a whole other level and teaches the secrets of his game to control, shut down and pass anyone’s guard. You will learn the most important details that make his techniques more efficient as well as more than a few techniques that you have probably never seen before!

In the final chapter “The Black Belt’s Focus: Submission” Saulo talks about what it means to become a black belt, how to train, learn and progress in the art and how to sharpen the most dangerous skill in Jiu jitsu, submissions! And Saulo is a submission master! There are loads of sneaky tricks  and tips to set up and submit your opponent from all the major positions! Learn from the best and watch your game soar to new heights! So if you haven’t yet got a copy of “Jiu-jitsu University” please do yourself a favour, go to Saulo’s site www.unijj.com and order it now or swing by your local book store and make a purchase… You wont regret it!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!


Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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4 Responses to “Jiu-jitsu Universtiy… Required reading for All students of the art!”

  1. slideyfoot Says:

    There were two things I really liked about Jiu Jitsu University: first, I thought that focusing beginners on escapes was brilliant. The only problem is you can’t force beginners to stick with just those first two chapters: I almost wish Saulo had divided up his book into several volumes, such as “beginner”, “the guard” and “submissions”, or something.

    Second, I thought the layout made for really clear instruction. I normally find it quite tough to learn anything from the static pictures and text in a book, but Saulo’s work is an exception. Beneville’s books are awesome, but they can be overwhelming so its hard to know where to start: Saulo and Kevin Howell did a great job in terms of organisation.

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      Hello again mate, how are you? Believe it or not I have a couple of studnets who would be classified as beginners who abosultely love the concept of survival and escape as the foundation to Jiu jitsu, so I guess different strokes for different folks! Although I do think you are right in the sense that Sailo could have easily broken his book up into numerous volumes and focused exclusively on certain topics but I still think its a great book!
      Also I enjoyed reading your review. It’s alway nice to hear about another person’s perspective but for some reason it wouldn’t let me leave a comment on your blog? Personally I love all the books produced by Victory Belt, they really are setting the standard! And Ed Beneville’s books are cool too.
      Kind Regards

  2. slideyfoot Says:

    Heh – I guess some beginners have more foresight than others. 😉

    Hmm, strange there was a problem leaving a comment. Normally you just click on the bit that says ‘comments’ at the bottom of the post, and a window should pop up where you can leave your own comment.

    Is that not working?

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      Most definately mate! And no I left a commeent in the box then it said there a was some sort of error tand that they would send an email to solve it and my comment didnt come up! I’ll try again shortly!
      Kind Regards

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