Keeping a Training Journal

One of the best things that you can do to rapidly increase your learning curve is keep a training journal (also known as a training diary)! A training journal is a fantastic resource that is generally neglected by most Jiu jitsu students and instructors! A training journal is useful to track your progress in the art, remember  important details which make techniques work, improve memory and retention of techniques, provide a handy reference of material taught in class,  helps you to trouble shoot the techniques that you are working on and much more!

Think about it. All through school, high school, university etc you are taught to take notes to help you remember and study various subjects that you learn about. Now how many of you would have passed all your classes if you just sat in class, listened and tried to put into practise what you had learnt? Not many I guess! And that is also true of Jiu jitsu training. Don get me wrong, it’s not absolutely necessary, but it sure will help you more than you could imagine! Think about this, most of you went to school probably out of obligation (this is probably a good thing), but Jiu jitsu training is a choice, your choice. And if you choose to learn the art and pay for classes, well then I’d say all the more reason to take it seriously and take notes! Believe me, you’ll thank me when gradings come around, you’re stuck in a tough position in a competition and cant remember what to do to escape, or even when you cant pull off that new sweep against your training partners in a competitive roll! If you take notes in school to learn subjects that you may not even be interested, why are you not taking notes when learning one of the toughest martial arts in the world that you really want to learn and get good at???

This doesn’t just apply to Jiu jitsu. Look at most professional athletes and you will find that the best of them generally have one thing in common, a training journal in which they take detailed notes about theirs skills, techniques, progress, strength & conditioning training, diet etc. I would bet that almost every Olympic level athlete has a training journal or several which goes into more detail about their training than most books and dvds!!! Training journal’s are extremely useful to shar with your coach as it can help him see where you’re a in terms of your training and understanding of the art! Even gym junkies and week end warriors appreciate the value of a training journal to track progress and see a visual representation of their improvements… Dont let them reap all the benefits! 🙂 Especially if you plan to compete/fight, it is important to stack the deck in your favour and get every competitive advantage possible and the training journal is one of these! Try is for a month or two, see how it helps you and then let me know how much your game has improved!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!


Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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