Jiu jitsu Lifestyle Part 2 – “The Beach”

Hello people, how are we all today? I am writing from sunny Coolangatta in Queensland, Australia! And how fitting it is for me to be writing this article as I wanted to talk about something that most of us in the Jiu jitsu community are very fond of… The beach and the lifestyle associated with it! I dont know what it is about Jiu jitsu students but generally speaking they all seem to love the beach, the surf and the pursuit of a fit, healthy and relaxed/laid back lifestyle. And let me tell you, I love it! 🙂 Now I’m sure this fondness for the sun, the sand and the surf comes from the Brazilians who have shared this great art with us. In particular those native to Rio De Janeiro, as the beach culture is an important part of their lifestyle. Even the top executives stop past their local beaches for a swim or surf prior to work and its not uncommon to see business suits hanging from roof racks especially along the beaches of Barra Ti Juca. And I guess this lifestyle seems to have been very well received and envied by many of us around the world. Everywhere we go Jiu jitsu students aim to incorporate a little sun, sand and surf into our lives as well.

I guess one of the great things about the beach lifestyle is surfing, which I am a little embarrassed to say is a skill I am yet to master! 😦 And the Brazilians in particular, always seem amazed that I cant surf even though I am Australian and live by the beach myself! Yes. I do hope to learn and master surfing someday. 🙂 Surfing seems to transfer really well with Jiu jitsu students as surfing requires great balance, coordination as well as the ability to think quickly and remain calm. Most people that I have come across who can surf tend to have really good balance for passing the guard and seem to understand the concept of non resistance or going around someone’s power. Perhaps this is because they realise the futility of fighting mother nature and the ocean??? I think surfing is great for developing this skill as its one of the hardest things to teach, to not fight force but to yield and use an opponent’s energy against themselves and as such I have to say I really want to learn to surf and encourage others to do so as well… At the very least you’ll pick up a new and challenging skill and expand your comfort zone!

Relaxing at Ipanema beach with some of the guys from BTT after training!!

Another great part of the beach lifestyle is the pursuit of health and fitness. Well let’s be honest, everyone is at least a little vain and likes to look good and feel comfortable in the sun in their swim wear! 🙂 And while we may not all aspire to the hulking physiques of bodybuilders or the ripped and super lean build of young surfers, we all hope to find that balance of good health and a lean physique that best suits our body frame. And that is great! Jiu jitsu helps us tremendously with this, as a matter of fact I’d say this is one of the hidden benefits of training that most people are completely unaware of! Jiu jitsu is a strenuous activity and it is not uncommon for people to lose anywhere from 5-15kg after a few months of training without actively dieting or excessive exercise!And after you start to feel leaner and healthier, this tends to become a self fulfilling prophesy as most of us love looking and feeling better as well as the effect it has on our Jiu jitsu games. The increased flexibility allows us to escape from difficult situations, the increased cardio vascular endurance allows us to train longer and harder, the increased strength and speed help strengthen the body and make us more efficient for everyday life! We learn to relax and think in our training and that relaxation is great for stress relief as is a quick trip to the beach! 🙂 In short Jiu jitsu adds years to your life and life to your years! And that is something we should all aspire towards!

Liam Resnekov, Adam Kayoom, Felipe Grez, Bruno Panno at Surfer's Paradise 2003!

Anyway I have to get back to the beach and my family so I can get a little sun, rest and relaxation myself! More to follow over the coming week as I am on holidays and plan to add to the blog daily! Have a great week!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling


Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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6 Responses to “Jiu jitsu Lifestyle Part 2 – “The Beach””

  1. slideyfoot Says:

    Heh – beach lifestyle isn’t something particularly viable here in the UK. Getting wet, cold and miserable is a far more common beach activity on British coastlines. 😉

  2. jiujitsukingdom Says:

    Hi Slideyfoot, how are you? I can’t argue with that one but I must admit I meet a lot of English BJJ studnets here in Australia who love the beach, the same in Brazil and the USA so guven the chance I’m sure you’d take the opportunity to live the lifestyle… But different strokes for different folks, have a great day and enjoy your training!
    Kind Regards

  3. Matty Aytch Says:

    The Beach is a fantastic place to train and feel alive, as well as motivated and fit completely putting me in a JiuJitsu coma. Great feeling! I suggest if you’re going to become part of the Jiu Jitsu / MMA world and still want to be a level headed person with an amazing sense of anything… Come to the beach to train by the water, because there is nothing better than treading water and still feeling like you’re feet are touching concrete and your thoughts are in your complete control.


    This is coming from a student. **

  4. slideyfoot Says:

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of the beach, but my girlfriend most definitely is: while I’m scoping out holidays for museums and art galleries, she’s checking how near it is to the sea.

    So if I lived somewhere hot, like the US, Brazil or Australia, I doubt I’d have any choice in the matter. 😛

  5. Learn To Surf Says:

    Beach life carries more adventure than routine life thats why i prefer to work in beach side 😛

    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      Absolutely! And I am lucky enough to have relocated home in the last year to a place by the beach! Especially in a great country like Australia!!! Hope you enjoy the blog!
      Kind Regards

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