ADCC Continued…

Wow!!! I cant believe that Rafael Mendes, a twenty year old kid, who’s only had his black belt for about a year won the most highly coveted title in Submission Wrestling, the ADCC 2009 Lightweight word title!!! Along the way he submited three out of his four opponents including former champion and one of the favourites Leo Viera… Crazy!!! The only guy who he didn’t submit was Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles, although Rafael took Cobrinha’s back in overtime and worked relentlessly for the submission the whole fight! Rafael Mendes has stamped his name as one of the greatest lighweights in the world and will only get better with age… A scary thought really! 🙂

Let me start by saying I cant believe Marcelo Garcia got beat by Pablo Popovitch to become middleweight champion! I am in shock but this is great for Jiu jitsu and great for Pablo . Pablo had come up short the in the finals against Marcelo for the last two ADCC tournaments but it seems three times was a charm for him as he was able to defeat Marcelo 3-2 with a guard pass in the final 30 seconds of the match! Pablo’s Jiu jitsu has obviously improved greatly! Not that it wasn’t sensational before, just that Marcelo beat him rather easily the last two times they fought. But Pablo trained hard, came in shape and fought with a vengeance! It’s great to see the evolution of each fighter’s game. Marcelo looked unstoppable early with submission wins over Rodney Ellis, Kron Gracie and K-Taro Nakamura but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be this time round.

Braulio Estima was in top form and looked devastating on the mat! He took the lightheavyweight division in style submitting three out of his four opponents including a nasty inverted triangle on Andre Galvao in the final! In addition to this Braulio brought home gold in the absolute division making him the 2009 ADCC Grand Champion! He started impressively with a 45 second submission win over Janne Pekka followed by a dominant match and rear naked choke victory over Marcelo Garcia. Braulio then outscored Vinny Magalhaes 7-0 and gave Xande Ribeiro the fight of his life before Xande had to retire due to an injury. Looking forward to seeing him fight Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in the superfight next time round!

In the heavyweight division Xande Ribeiro grinded out a tough points win (2-0) over one of the revelations of the tournament Geral Rinaldi. Xande had another strong showing with his world class technique and strategy, he was just too much for the division. Extremely hard to score on, damn near impossible to submit, alway improving his position and never taking a backward step just like his brother Saulo, Xande is a methodical fighter who makes almost no mistakes. Extremely technical and flawless basics executed to perfection!

In the superheavyweight division former champion Fabricio Werdum started his run to the title by submitting Rogent Lorent then outscored Thomas Janisxewski 3-0 bfore grinding out a tough judges decision in overtime over  the legendary Saulo Ribeiro before convincingly outscoring Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu 9-0 to take yet another ADCC World title! On side note Vinnicius Magalhaes pulled off the submission of the tournament with a flying armbar victory over former champion Marcio “Pe de Pano” Cruz in about 10 seconds! Impressive!!! 🙂

In a somewhat disappointing and boring superfight, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza defeated Robert Drysdale by takedown. Not much excitement on the ground in this match just a battle for control, takedown and top position. And Jacare just proved too explosive and was able to take Robert down for the win.

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!


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