A couple more clips worth watching!

The following youtube clip is by the multi talented Dave Camarillo. Dave Camarillo is a world class BJJ and Judo Black belt who has successfully blended what he believes to be the best of both arts into his highly effective Guerrilla Jiu jitsu system! Dave Camarillo and his Guerrilla Jiu jitsu is known for its aggresive, attacking, submission oriented style and has transferred extremely well into the MMA arena. These days, Dave is perhaps best known for being the head Jiu jitsu coach at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA), which is one of the most highly successful mma gyms in the country with multiple top fighters in the UFC. He has taught, coached or trained with mma fighters: Josh Koscheck, Forrest Griffin, Mike Swick, Mike Van Arsdale, Bob Cook, Cole Escovedo, Paul Buentello, Josh Thompson, Jon Fitch and even BJ Penn!!! Need I say more…

In international Judo and BJJ cirles he was known for his devastating flying arm locks, his seemless transitions between standing and ground techniques and his aggresiveness in hunting for submissions, particularly the arm lock! Aside from being a phenomenal fighter, he is a great coach who is humble, open and genuinely wants to share his knowledge with his students and see them succeed. Here are his thoughts on training as a white belt.

Another great instructor that I have learnt from through videos, dvds, magazine articles, websites and youtube is Stephan Kesting. Stephan Kesting is a BJJ black belt under Master Marcus Soares(7th Degree Black belt under Carlson Gracie). In addition to this, Stephan is also a certified Combat Submission Wrestling under famed mma coach and former mma fighter Erik Paulson. 

Stephan has been spreading the word about Jiu jitsu and the grappling arts for many years now through his website, dozens of training/technique articles in martial arts magazines and several high quality instructional dvds. He is a clear and concise communicator who teaches with passion and great detail. If your having a problem with a particular area of your game and Stephan has a product about it, you’d be wise to get it! Here is a nice clip of him teaching the guard adapted for the street or an mma competition. Enjoy!

If you like what you saw from either Dave Camarillo or Stephan Kesting or both, you can find out more about them or order their products from their websites. Dave Camarillo’s website is www.davecamarillo.com , he also has a nice blog on there which I think is worth checking out. Stephan Kesting’s main website is www.grapplearts.com  , although he has a couple of others that you can find through his main site. Stephan also has a couple of free ebooks that I highly recommend you download from his website like: “BJJ Roadmap”, “BJJ Secrets for MMA” which also features legendary mma coach Ricardo Liborio, “A glossary of guards” and “No gi Closed Guard Strategic Outline”. I hope you enjoyed and learnt from the clips and look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!


Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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