Hello world and welcome to my Jiu jitsu Kingdom blog!

Hi people my name is Felipe Grez and I have been practising Brazilian/Gracie Jiu jitsu for over 10 years. At present I am brown belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and I have recently started my own school which is called Jiu jitsu Kingdom. My school is based in Sydney, Australia. I would like to use this blog to share my thoughts and experiences in this fascinating art and hopefully be of some use or help to you.

Training in Brazilian Jiu jitsu (for me at least) is a life long journey and just like any long journey, you’re sure to come across a few bumps and pot holes in the road. Sometimes you’ll even be forced to take alternate routes or directions. Hopefully I can offer some advice that will help you navigate your way around these problem areas and make your journey a little smoother and easier. With any luck you will learn from the benefit of my mistakes and those who have taught me so that you dont have to suffer through them as I have! 🙂

One important thing that I have learnt is to be open minded in your approach to training. For example, as a coach I see my job as giving my students a solid foundation in the basics of Jiu jitsu yet allowing them to grow in the art, express themselves and find their own way. And for me at least, I am happy for my students to train with whoever they please whenever they please. Now please dont misunderstand this as encouraging people to switch gyms recklessly in their pursuit of knowledge or not being loyal to their instructors or gyms. On the contrary, to attain any degree of proficiency I highly recommend that students find a gym that suits their needs, style of learning and that provides a good positive atmosphere of learning and fun. And when they have found a gym that meets their needs, to train hard and train regularly! Again with a focus on learning and applying technique, meeting like minded people and having fun. If a student is able to do this and puts in the necessary time and work, he or she will get good! No doubt about it!

Now back to the part about being open minded, as a coach I am quite happy for students to train with and learn from other instructors. As a matter of fact I actively encourage students to read books, magazines, watch dvds/competitions/you tube, attend seminars, take private classes, compete etc. As long as they are constantly working on and developing their foundation with good solid basics, I think any supplementary training is great and healthy. And yes that includes training with other instructors!!! I personally believe that I would have to be pretty insecure with my teaching and techniques if I didn’t allow my students to train elsewhere… What, am I afraid to lose them to the competition? Is someone else perhaps in a better position to teach and guide them in their journey? If so I would be doing them  a great disservice as a coach by holding them back and taking that opportunity away from them! I put my heart and soul into coaching and without meaning to sound egotistical, I believe I am very good at it! Even still, I encourage my students to be open minded and learn from whoever they can, as I dont want my students to be limited to only my weapons (the techniques and movements that I use).

Jiu jitsu is such a beautiful at in the way that it is able to molds itself to all types of people and how each person’s expression of the art is ultimately unique to them. I have my way or style(for lack of a better word) of doing the techniques and movements and although they are unique to me, my instructor’s fingerprints and influences are clearly visible to the trained eye. And once you have attained a certain degree of proficiency, the techniques will mold to your body type  and become unique to you too. I am not talking about different styles of Jiu jitsu, I am talking about making the techniques and movements your own. It is obvious to anyone watching that you are practising Jiu jitsu. Whether you are watching Marcelo Garcia or Roger Gracie, their application and execution of the techniques may vary but it is still the same art being practised! Jiu jitsu, in my opinion is a perfect art. When it is done correctly with good technique and timing, it is damn near impossible to beat! But like I said, we have chosen a long journey to take in learning Jiu jitsu, one that I feel will never be truly mastered. All we can do is our very best to ensure that we train hard, learn, grow, reach our full potential in the art and hopefully give back and share some of what we have learnt along the way!

Good luck with your training and Happy rolling!


Jiu jitsu Kingdom


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4 Responses to “Hello world and welcome to my Jiu jitsu Kingdom blog!”

  1. Frank Says:

    Hi Felipe,

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I am sure you and your students will do well if the philosophy expressed by you is followed. I believe to be very important the encourgament given to students to practice all or as many as possible, the basic techniques until they become second nature to the student. It is only then, when the student can start learning, applying and modifying the techniques to suit him/her based on the occasion and opponent. For sure, a most important thing is to enjoy the training and respect your training partners. As you say, it is a journey that should be enjoyed every step of the way, and certaily is not a quick an easy guide to become an expert. I read once that ‘the more you know, the more you realize how little you know and how much more is there to learn’. This, for the serious student makes it a very interesting journey, one that is always full of goals to achieve and never boring.

    Keep up the good work.


    • jiujitsukingdom Says:

      Hi dad, how are you? Thank you for your kind words! Although my dad isn’t a Brazilan Jiu jitsu guy as such he is a shodan in traditional Japanese Jujitsu and has spent more than his fair share getting his bumps, bruises and whacks on the mat! It doesn’t really matter what art you practise (although I am biased towards BJJ), as long as you train hard, have fun and enjoy the journey you will get so much more out of it than the ability to fight or execute techniques! Thanks again and I’ll see you soon!
      Kind Regards

  2. Bakso Says:

    Hey Felipe i’ve enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to coming past JJ Kingdom to train i just want to know i’ve only trained bjj a few times and find that the actual warmup is much harder than the training it self does it get any easier [flexibility dive rolls back rolls] etc i found ive injured myself wareming up twice and not ever while training

  3. jiujitsukingdom Says:

    Hi Bakso, how are you? I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading the blog. I look forward to meeting you, please feel free to come down and train anytime. As far as having limited training experience, that’s no problem mate as we cater for varying skill and fitness levels. The emphasis is on creating a positive, challenging but fun training environment where we can all get better together! It definately gets easier and sometimes its justa matter of stepping back, slowing everything down and not pushing yourself too hard too fast! Take your time, relax, learn and have fun and soon you’ll be cruising through training and reaping the tremendous physical benefits that Jiu jitsu and the Grappling arts deliver! If you have any questions or queries you can also find me on facebook under Jiu jitsu Kingdom or Felipe Grez. I look forward to meeting you and helping you get on track with your Jiu jitsu training!
    Kind Regards

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